Five Schools You Should Add to your College List

What schools have made it to your college list? Here are a few liberal arts schools that you may not be familiar with that you should add to your list. ⠀

1) Bowdoin College

If you’re looking for a small liberal arts college in a rural area, look no further. Bowdoin was the very first college/university to go test-optional. They also meet the full financial need for students, WITHOUT loans, and are ranked the #2 best liberal arts college in the country. Some fun facts include all students(including freshmen) live in suite-style dorms with your own bedroom and a common room for you and your roommate and their cafeteria food is locally sourced(YUM!).

2) Rhodes College

Looking for a small liberal arts college in the middle of a city? Rhodes has an absolutely beautiful campus and is in the heart of Memphis. They also provide very generous financial aid for students of color.

3) Davidson College

Ahh, the ever-elusive combination of liberal arts and sports! Davison is a small school in North Carolina with Division 1 athletics. Students and staff abide by an honor code which means that they’re able to schedule their own final exams, take tests in the comfort of their dorm, and don’t have to lock up their bikes!!

4) Willams College

Again, a beautiful college located in a picturesque town in western Mass. This university had a distinctly homey feel and I’ve never seen students so engaged in the classroom or so willing to pause whatever they’re doing to talk to a stranger. Faculty and staff seemed especially mindful of how they could make their campus inviting to students from diverse backgrounds and it was, by far, one of the most diverse campuses I’ve been to in such a rural location. In addition to meeting full-need WITHOUT loans, they also have additional financial resources for undocumented students.

5) Carleton College

Live out your quirky dreams at Carleton College, a school known for its strong academics and peculiar traditions. Carleton is the #5 best liberal arts college in the country. It also has very strong programs in global studies and environmental science and an perfect addition to your college list.