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When I joined my Louisiana college-access nonprofit four years ago, all students, regardless of ACT score, were attending in-state colleges. These schools overwhelmingly have low graduation rates and poor financial aid awards.

Working with our low-income students of color, I developed and piloted the Ivy Access Honors Curriculum to support them through selective college admissions.

Four years later, over 40% of our students are now recipients of full meets-need scholarships to out-of-state private liberal arts colleges—an average scholarship award of $280,000 per school they're admitted to. Our other students are attending much better in-state schools than when I started, with much stronger financial aid awards.

As the Honors Curriculum has gotten rolling, our students have seen a flood of admissions to the best colleges in the country: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, and many others.

Our meets-need scholarship recipients have an average ACT score of 22. These same opportunities are within reach for you and your scholars. It's all in the Ivy Access Honors Curriculum itself, which tackles three main goals:

  1. Create a strong college-going mindset in your students.
  2. Build buy-in among students and families around selective liberal arts institutions.
  3. Get your students into top colleges and help them win top scholarships.

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