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"It really helped me with all the questions I had and gave me a new perspective. She was really friendly and I will definitely be recommending it!"
- Sofia Praderio Class of 2023

"I love that I learned new information about the Questbridge program. I felt very safe in the conversation as a first-generation."
-Paula Punzalan Class of 2021

"I took part in a 30-minute video call with Clara. It was wonderful, and I appreciate all her help and guidance! Even though it wasn’t the longest amount of time, I was given so much important information in a clear, helpful way. Ivy Access has helped me so much in setting my guidelines for my upcoming high school career. I feel so much more reassured now that I know what to expect and how to prepare myself! I am so grateful for this program!"
Lillianna Feronti Class of 2024

If you're naturally self-motivated and an academic high performer—and you and your family are unsure how to navigate the college process—then here's a secret:

All the "good" colleges you've heard about are looking for you. These are the schools that are full of high-achievers just like you, from Amherst to Yale, with dozens in between.

Here's another secret: these colleges are committed to making college affordable for you. You'll find attending them much cheaper in most cases than other schools you might choose.

But these colleges want to see you at your best, and that means putting together a strong application. There are lots of things to think about, and the process can be daunting without proper support and guidance.

Ivy Access is here to help. Our goal is to get you into a school that fits you academically, financially, and personally. Let's get rolling!

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