Who We Serve

We work with high-achieving, underrepresented high school students who are interested in attending a selective college, as well as their families and counselors.


Here's what we look for in the students we serve:

  • Strong academic performance. You are taking the most rigorous coursework offered at your school, and getting predominantly A's and B's.
  • Driven. You are hardworking, goal-oriented, and you go above and beyond what's required of you. You don't need people to be on top of you to follow through with something; you do it on your own (you are self-motivated).
  • Gritty. You're able to bounce back from obstacles.

As you enter the later years of high school, we will be looking for you to put your best effort toward achieving strong standardized test (ACT and SAT) scores. However, this isn't one of our selection criteria.


We work with students who are one or more of the following:

Black or Hispanic

You are African-American or Latinx.


You will be the first person in your family to complete college.


Your family is Pell-eligible (your household income is below $60,000).

As a note, colleges also often define "underrepresented" students as being in rural areas, and specifically seek these students out. While this isn't one of our selection criteria, it's good to know in your college search!