How to get into your dream school

Every year, millions of incredible students apply to their dream colleges and are not admitted. These scholars have amazing grades, great extra-curricular activities, and strong standardized test scores. The issue? Everyone else who applied does too.

In this course, we will discover how to make your application stand out among a sea of other standouts—not through gimmicks, but by being yourself! You will learn how you can make yourself more competitive for college, how admissions representatives make their decisions, and how to afford college based on your household income.

Get ready to discover what will actually bring your applications from a “No” to a “Yes.” Here's a hint: it has nothing to do with your grades or test scores.

Join the fun! We're so excited to help you accomplish your ambitious goals. 

Find Your College Fit

Which schools combine academic rigor, affordability, and culture fit?

Be Competitive

What can you be doing now that will bolster your profile?

Get Admitted

How do admissions officers make their admissions decisions?

Ivy Access 101

A five-week course to help you get into your dream school!

Ivy Access 101 is for 9-11th grade students to learn the fundamentals of selective college admissions, and how you can make yourself stand out in an extremely competitive applicant pool.

Throughout the course, you will:

  1. Identify which schools align with your wants and needs academically, financially, and culturally.
  2. Get in the admissions officer's shoes, and learn what makes the difference between an admission, waitlist, and denial.
  3. Receive personal advice on what you can do now to make yourself more competitive before senior year.
  4. Develop an admissions strategy that will increase your chance of getting in to your target schools.
  5. Learn how to afford college based on your household income.

Helpful Resources

These resources complement and add to what you'll find in the five-week course. Think of them as your own personal college advisor that will walk you through the application process, step-by-step.

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